Friday, January 8, 2010

My Work: Camo Cool

Camo must be all the rage because this is about the 3rd camo print I have done in the last month or so. Funny thing about camo, I tend to have a lot of it at my house. The Husband is an avid hunter and the first time I had to do a camo pattern, I turned to him for advice. He went searching around the house for a sample for me and pretty much came up with this:

Not exactly what I had in mind to paint. Sometimes he is very much a "realist" and doesn't understand why that monkey I painted is pink.

Anyway, this camo canvas was a gift for a friend of the Sister-In-Laws. I had a sample of their bedding fabric (so helpful in color matching) and knew that they loved hunting as well, so we went with a camo pattern. After I completed it we learned that they were painting and entire wall in the nursery camouflage - almost the exact pattern and colors I used! So funny! It could have been disastrous if it had clashed. I always worry about pictures as gifts, especially if I don't have all the info about the room.

I used a new technique around the edges to give it a little "aged" feel. I have been using it on some boy pictures to make them look a little more rustic.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, I have lots of painting to do and since my computer is still in the shop I should have very little distractions and get a lot done!

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