Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For The Birds....

The UPS store is busy with holiday shipping already! I mail my packages at the same place every time and the guys know me there by now. Today they told me that December 10th is the last day to ship Ground and guarantee Christmas delivery. I had better get my bootie in gear and finish my Christmas orders then!

One of my latest deliveries was created to coordinate with the Banana Fish Love Bird set. I was super excited to do this one, I have loved this set for quite some time and couldn't wait to design something to match it.

For those of you not in the know, here it is in all its splendor:

This customer gave me lots of details about her room, which I love. It helps me create the design and colors if I can imaging the whole room together. Her furniture is the Heritage collection from Baby Cache:
She also has some other accessories for the room, including this iron bird wall hook:
And this vinyl wall decal from an etsy seller:

I used the stripes from the bed skirt and added some paper birds cut from scrapbook paper. I present to you, Harper:

The colors in the photo are a little off, its not quite as bright. I have the hardest time taking pictures of my paintings - I use a glaze that adds a bit of shine and the flash reflects really badly off of it. So I have to take the pictures without the flash, which causes them to come out funky. Maybe its just my camera though - now that I think about it it is over 5 years old!

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