Friday, December 4, 2009

Done and Done

Here is a sneak peak at the pictures that have been consuming my life lately! You are looking at a preview of a total of 11 canvases in 3 sets that I shipped out this week! All pink and brown, and all super cute. I can't wait to show you more - after they are delivered of course!

Lots of fabric samples for this one

That is the checkered sheet in the background that covers my dining room that I paint on top of to protect the floor!

Pink and brown is still as popular as ever! This one mixed in a little sage green

I have big plans to finish and show of my Christmas decor this weekend. And of course, more paintings to do and some blog entries - I promise! I feel like I haven't been giving you guys any good eye candy lately! I also plan on doing almost all my Christmas shopping. Why do I always seem to think I can get more done in 48 hours than is humanly possible?

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