Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cool Color: Grey Furniture

It's been awhile since I posted anything about my own house, so for those of you newbies I describe my style at Texas-Tuscany. Kinda rustic, but not like I live at a ranch. However, for some reason, I am always drawn to really modern nurseries. I am thinking that when it is my time for a baby, The Husband will let me decorate however I want and I can add a more modern touch than the rest of the house.

One of my favorite modern trends right now is grey furniture. Some versions look vintage like this hutch from Anthropolgie:

While other are super sleek like this crib:The modern crib that started it all - the Oeuf Sparrow
While prepping for this post, I did some googling on grey nursery furniture. Turns out, its is a little hard to find! The color is so hot right now but I didn't really see any choices out there that weren't super expensive. Oeuf, DucDuc, Stokke and Spot on Square all make modern grey pieces but I didn't see any big box stores or less expensive brands doing it. Hopefully that will come soon so those of you decorating on a budget can get in on some of the action!

I did run across this DIY grey piece, which looks like it was re-purposed and painted for a kid's room. Love the number detail they stenciled on. Perfect for a little boy and such an inexpensive touch that adds so much!

If you have grey nursery furniture, post a link to where you got it so we can all get some more ideas!

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