Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inspiration Photos

While in Charlotte last weekend I visited an AMAZING french bakery called Amelie's. They have great coffee, some tasty treats and more importantly, amazing decor! Here are some shots I took in the shop that really inspire me:

The walls in the entire place are striped in shades of blue and light blue. I thought this simple, graphic, LOVE set was really unique and very easy to do yourself.

While sipping my coffee and thumbing through a paper, I caught site of this ad. Love the red and aqua color combo mixed with the neutral tan.

All of the lighting fixtures in the place are super unique. This one reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I imagine it started off as a basic boring chandelier but was transformed with a little paint.....

Lastly, I spotted these 2 cards while in line at Trader Joes. That place is amazing by the way, wish we had them here in Texas. So many tasty treats at great prices!

What kind of everyday things inspire you?

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