Friday, November 6, 2009

For Baby Will

This 4 piece set was recently shipped of to Florida as a gift to my friends for their baby, Will. My friend Alana made most of the decor in the room and has pretty specific taste, so I was a little nervous about surprising her with a design. I wanted to incorporate her room colors (swatches in the center) and some things that are important to the parents. What I came up with was a mix of meaningful and modern:

  • Baseball - for one of her favorite sports - her brother plays MLB
  • Fleur de leis - her husband is from Louisiana
  • Star - for the star of Texas (where the moved from and hope to return)
  • Golf - for her husband's favorite sport

Alana & Tim loved them and they are already hung in the room. I will post some pictures of her entire nursery next week!

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