Thursday, October 8, 2009

Costume Couture

I admit it, I LOVE dressing up in costumes. In college I had a "costume box" filled with outfits and accessories that could be combined in tons of ways for any occasion. As a sorority girl there were always opportunities to dress up for theme parties but Halloween was always my favorite. Last year, The Husband and I were a very convincing David and Victoria Beckham, complete with LA Galaxy uniform, tattoos and posh wig - which actually inspired me to cut my hair!

This year I will be visiting my BFF in Charlotte, NC and I have already have my dress - a yellow satin vintage flapper dress that I can't wait to wear. I just need to gather some accessories and I will be ready to go!

So what are you guys going to be? Or do you think you are too old to dress up?

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