Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trend Watch: Top 5 Hot Nursery Decor Trends

Lately I have been seeing tons of fresh, fun things happening in nursery decor. Parents are getting super creative with their designs in incorporating unique ideas to really personalize their space. Here are the top 5 trends to watch out for and incorporate into your room:

Ceiling Decor - Think of it as the 5th wall. This space can be dressed up with mobiles, tissue paper flowers or even paint. Since baby spends most of the first year laying down in the nursery, it only makes sense to decorate what they will see!

Bold Wall Paint - Whether is is one hot shade - or stripes - punch up your design with bold wall colors. Not sure what colors to choose? Take the quilt from your bedding set to the paint store and pull some colors straight from that. Just be sure to test out the colors on the wall first! For more ideas on painting your room, check out my 4 series post on painting your walls.

Eclectic Furniture - I've said it before but I will say it again - not everything has to match! Save money (and go green!) by reusing furniture you already have. Its ok to mix colors and painted or stained wood pieces. Tie pieces together by changing out the hardware to match. Bonus - this room also features an amazing ceiling paint treatment!

Wall Murals - Painted or stuck on, wall murals are HOT right now. They are such a cool way to add interest and they look totally custom. Check out for vinyl decals you can stick on yourself. Or, get creative and paint your own! Hint: draw out your design with chalk first. You can paint over it and wipe off the lines with water when you are done!

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Sophisticated Bedding - Today's fabrics are not just for babies. Decorator quality fabrics and designs have made their way into baby bedding as well. Using home inspired design is a great way to make your nursery last. The set below was created by Grandma as a gift to the new parents.

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