Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Real Life: Room For 2

This Real Life Room is the perfect place for twins. Designed by Suzie (who is due today!) and Brandon for their twins Luke and Hudson, it features a sophisticated green and brown safari theme with a cool stripe wall treatment.

The walls are a pretty basic khaki color, but they punched them up with a border of Sherwin Williams Luau Green and Sable around a basic white.
When you have to purchase 2 of everything it can get pretty expensive. Suzie fell in love with a pricey green and brown set for $280 each but settled with the Mod Pod Pop Monkey set from Kidsline for $129. She folded the quilts so that the monkeys don't show.

This adorable giraffe growth chart is a decal that they purchased on from Single Stone Studios for $44. Available in over 32 different color choices, they have tons of designs to choose from.

These monogram picture frames are really special. The parents plan on having the nurses put the babies foot prints on them in the hospital. The same wall paint over inexpensive frames makes this a personalized project on a budget!

Lastly, she created these monogram letters using a tutorial I posted when I first started the blog. Click here for the steps to create your own set using scrapbook paper and inexpensive letters from the craft store. The entire project only took her about 30 minutes!

Have a room you want to share? Email me at customnurseryart (at) and I might post your "Real Life Room!"

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