Thursday, June 11, 2009

Personalized Jersey Paintings

A few weeks ago I posted about this baseball stitch wall treatment

and it is the inspiration behind my latest pictures. I did these for a friends little boy that is super into baseball. His 2 favorite teams are the Yankees and the Pirates and I incorporated his own last name and baseball number onto the Yankees jersey.

I tried to keep them as authentic as possible and even added some buttons onto the Pirates jersey. Done on 18 x 24" canvas I did both pieces for $75.

And, it just so happens that I know a member of the Pirates' and was able to get the little boy a signed baseball card......I think it is going to be a great surprise to him! I remember waiting near the Astro's dugout as a child just hoping for an autograph!

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Ashley said...

He LOVES them. Every time someone new comes over he shows them his room so he can point out the pictures. He makes sure everyone knows "4" is his baseball number! Very cute!