Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Take Me Out to The Ball Game!

Photo and painting idea courtesy of Design Dazzle

What little boy (and Dad!) isn't into baseball? When I saw this baseball stitch wall treatment I just had to share! Its inexpensive and super easy to do and adds alot of interest. If you walls are white, off white or even tan now, one can of red wall paint, some painters tape and one afternoon later your big guy can drift off into dreamland thinking he is pitching for his favorite team!

To make the seams, I suggest using 2 lines of painters placed vertically with a 3/4" gap between the 2 all the way down the wall. Repeat this across the wall about every 2 feet. You don't have to do the entire room, one accent wall where the bed is placed is plenty. Using a small can of red satin paint, fill in the gaps between the painters tape. Let dry and remove the tape. Then, measure down the stripe and mark alternating sides for the side stitching. If you are not comfortable free handing the stitches, I suggest making a template out of cardboard and tracing it where you want each one to go. Then you just have to fill in the lines. I do this with my paintings when I need something to be really uniform.

I sent this design idea to a friend of mine last week that was looking for baseball design ideas for her oldest's room. I am painting a set of baseball jersey canvases for her and I can't wait to finish them. I haven't done any "big boy" projects yet and I think this one is going to be cool!

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