Friday, May 15, 2009

Top 6 Baby Girl's Room Themes

So you're having a girl! Welcome to a world of dress-up, barbies and fights about prom dresses! Little girls are so precious and decorating their nursery should be fun. So, if you are into girly-girl, here are my top picks for room designs:

1. Classic Preppy - you know how I love Monograms! A classic bedding set in stripes with a monogram is simple and sweet and allows you to mix in any other theme you want with accessories.

2. Pink and Green is the new Pink and Brown - Pink and chocolate brown is a hot color combo, but it has been popular for a few years and I think pink deserves a new partner. Pink and green used to be so 80's but is making a big comeback and can look cute if you pick the right shades. Kristin DeMarco from Gifted Notions designed this pink and green argyle nursery and although it might be a little overkill, it is full of design ideas:

And if pink and green happen to be your sorority colors (they were mine) so you just can't decorate your nursery in it, try this hot pink and orange combo. Who says baby's room has to be pastel? Bright colors are cheery and transition into toddler better!

3. For the Birds - Can you tell I am into birds lately? The simple shape is so interesting and can be done is so many different ways. This set by Banana Fish is sweet, yet modern and available for under $200! It would be great accented with a set of 4 square canvases, each with a different patterned bird silhouette.

4. Flowers with a New Twist - Flowers and butterflies are kinda played out but they can be updated. This set, also from Banana Fish, features a cherry blossom pattern that is new a fresh. Plus, its pink and brown, so you can pick up accessories from other sets and collections to go with it. Not getting every single accessory available from a bedding designer allows you to mix it up and not look too matchy-matchy.

5. Vintage Inspired - I love everything Anthropologie and the shabby chic style has also made its way into nursery decor. If you choose a set that is vintage inspired, you can pick up other accessories in the grown up section of home decor stores. Think billowy curtains and a vintage looking chandelier or light fixture. These sets look great with iron cribs and a hand-me-down dresser that is scuffed around the edges. A great way to shop thrift and have it fit into your theme!

Check out this set from Caden Lane:

Or, if $350 is not in your price range (because really, who spends that?) this set from JJ Cole is just as cute and will run you about $170. Plus, I have seen JJ Cole bedding at TJMaxx, so you can probably get it even cheaper!

6. The Bold and the Beautiful - So this pink and black color scheme is a little more edgy, but it sure is fun. Plus, it is totally not "baby" so it will grow with your little girl from toddler to teen. If you you have been thinking about black furniture this is a fun design. You can add some vintage black and white Paris posters, or go urban with a black acrylic chandelier. Thrift accessories can be painted a high-gloss black and added to this design to look ultra-sophisticated.

Whatever you decide, think outside the box and go for something different. And, as always, check out for some great pictures of inspiring designs by the pros! And no, I am not affiliated with Design Dazzle, it really is just that great of a resource!
If you are having a baby boy, check out my post with my top 5 baby boy theme ideas. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

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