Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things are Looking Up - Ceiling Decor!

When I am decorating, I mostly think of what furniture to get, what color to paint the walls and what to hang on them once I am done. I never think about the ceiling. But this adorable nursery got me thinking about ceiling decor! Now in Texas, everyone has a ceiling fan, so it can sometimes be hard to hang something that will blow in the breeze. But if you don't turn on the fan much, or you don't have one, you are free to decorate to your hearts content!

These inexpensive paper Chinese lanterns add some great pops of color and act as a mobile. Bonus - they are hung high so you don't have to move them when baby can start grabbing them like you would have to move a traditional mobile.

Or, check out this mobile from Flendsted - they make paper and plastic mobiles in tons of different themes and they work great over a changing table for a little destraction.

Or, if you feel like being crafty, you can create your own funky ceiling decor using a craft hoop and some coordinating ribbon. Its a simple project that will provide tons of stimulation for baby.

Sound like too much to tackle? They are available for purchase at Polka Dot Patch Boutique online.

So, when picking out nursery decor, don't forget the ceiling! And stay tuned for another post on lighting fixture options!

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The Bryan Family said...

I am actually making one of this ceiling hanging mobiles and will send a picture to Kim when I'm done - it does not have ribbon - hopefully it turns out cute!