Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Check out this cool new baby gear!

So I realize I have not been a good blogger lately. I have been super busy with my real life job and my wifey duties seem to be suffering at the expense of work and the blog. So I promise more creative posts are to come but in the mean time, enjoy this one!

I just got my copy of Baby Talk Magazine in the mail today and there were some really cute products featured I thought I would share! Enjoy your day and maybe get some shopping in!

This DwellStudio for Fisher-Price bouncer is available at Target. It is super cute and stylish, so if you have to store it in the living room you won't feel like the theme is clashing with your decor. And, at around $60 it is a good price. It got really positive reviews from buyers, and I always find the Target reviews to be pretty accurate. Word of warning, Dwell makes a whole line of products for Target but I have heard mixed things about the bedding sets. Patterns are cute, but the fabric is thin and doesn't seem to wash well.

JJ Cole makes a whole line of diaper bags and accessories that are both functional and cute. Their fabric is coated so it is easy to clean, and their prices are pretty good as well. I love the System Bag (below) because it comes with lots of extras and it is dad friendly. The new Mode Bag is fun, functional and easy on the wallet!

Not in my magazine, but still fun, are these cups and plates by Dandelion. Make from natural corn bioplastic, they are good for the environment, cool and inexpensive!

And, check out this stroller Rebecca Romain has been pushing around. I have no idea what type it is, but her twins' car seats fit perfectly in the frame and this has to be the coolest, most compact twin stroller around. Anyone know who makes it? I have looked everywhere and can't find the info. If its not too expensive it is definitely my top twin stroller pick!

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The Bryan Family said...

This is who makes the stroller:


Super cool!

I personally love my BOB stroller, but the strollers seem to be getting better and better.