Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuesday's Top 5 - Amazing DIY Projects

I have been doing some blog-browsing lately checking out other blogger's designs, articles and features and I have run across some really great tutorials on some DIY projects I thought you guys would love! So here are my top picks for some easy DIY gift ideas. Enjoy!

Pacifier clip and burp cloth tutorial from CreateStudio. What mom doesn't need about 100 burp cloths and wishes her baby would stop dropping their pacifier!

Glass etching tutorial also from CreateStudio. Seriously, this girl has some super cute ideas. I am jealous of her creativity! What a great personalized wedding or house warming gift this would be. Or, take some of your existing glassware and personalize it for yourself. You know how I feel about monogramming!

Little girls dress from CraftGossip. Use on of Dad's old dress shirts to create this keepsake. Not an easy project for us novice stitchers but how freakin' cute is this! Maybe you can convince your oh-sew-perfect mother in law to craft this one up for you......

Egg-shaped sidewalk chalk just in time for Easter! Skip on over to to check out this project. If you don't mind it on the driveway, chalk can provide endless hours of entertainment!

And last but not least, these silk tie-dyed eggs from Martha Stewart. You actually use old silk ties to dye the eggs! How cool is that. So raid your Dad's closet for some of those oldies but still goodies he has been hoarding and get to dying some vintage style eggs!

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The Rheas said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing!