Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No More Monkey Business!

So I realize I have blogged about this orange and blue Pottery Barn monkey theme like 2 times alredy but it is just so cute. Orange and blue is such an unusual color combo but it really works in this set - traditional but with a twist. And the stripe treatment they used on the walls.....I could go on forever.

That's why I was SO EXCITED when I was asked to do a set to coordinate with that bedding pattern. The parents had some very specific ideas about what they wanted in me to paint, so it was really a matter of executing their vision. I used 16x20 canvas, each one with a different orange and blue pattern in the background and a white circle for the monogram BHD.

The argyle one turned out to be my favorite! The white stitching in it was an afterthought but it really made the pattern come to life. Before I added that, it kinda looked like a court jester outfit! I shipped them off to the parents-to-be last week and they loved them! I am so excited to get pictures of the room once it is complete. You know how I feel about preppy and so cute!

On another note, I'm hosting "book club" at my house tonight and I have a really cute party idea to share with you guys, so watch for a post on Friday all about how you can throw one too.

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