Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sensational Site Sunday - I <3 Google

To come up with today's Sensational Site Sunday post, I was thinking to myself, "what websites do I love to visit?" Well, one site comes to mind more than others. I know what you are thinking, "thanks for the tip Kim, nice and original." But, Google does have some features that I did not know about until a couple years ago. Hidden little tools that really prove to be so helpful.

Froogle - Google's shopping engine
Get it, Frugal? I use Froogle all the time when I am looking to purchase something online. It is by far the best shopping engine comparison site. Just type in what you are looking for, say the Migi Alphabet Crib Set I featured a couple of months ago. Poof! You are instantly connected with all the sites that sell it, plus the price they sell it for. Score the best deal on whatever you need. Works well for shoes too!

Google Images - Find pictures of whatever you want
I use this tool for the blog all the time. Instead of pulling up websites and text when you search, it pulls up pictures of whatever you type in. Say you want to see pictures of Alphabet Themed Nurseries. Just type it in and see what comes up. Its a great way to get ideas and inspiration. What about a Tuscan inspired bedroom? The options are endless.

Google Earth - You can see your house!
So, you have to download something to use this, but it is pretty neat, if not a little scary. Google-equipped vans have driven around most neighborhoods in America and taken 360 degree pictures of everything. You can actually see the front of your house. Very interesting. A friend introduced this feature to me. He used it when I called him, lost downtown, and actually told me what the building I was looking for looked like. Insane!

Have fun with these newly found Google features and have a good week!

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