Thursday, February 5, 2009

Its a wall mural, no, its a chalk board!

I don't know what is is lately, but I have been loving owls. They weren't my sorority animal, I did not go to Rice, so I am not sure why I like them. Not your typical nursery decor animal, they are a little playful, a little stylish and definitely unique. When searching the web for inspiration, I came across this great website, They carry tons of different stylish, affordable modern home decor items for every room in your home, including the nursery or playroom. This cute little website is where I cam accross these wall murals that serve 2 functions. They fill up a blank wall and the best part is, they are also a chalkboard. So, your toddler can color away and create anything they can imagine. Just make sure to explain the different between the mural and the wall in the dining room, where they can't color.
So, these murals got me thinkging. You can buy chalkboard paint at any home improvement store. Typically it is used to paint an entire wall or door in a child's room. But, why not use this paint to create your own mural! Sound like too much of a project? Check out ModernDose for more chalkboard murals in themes other than owls.

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