Friday, February 6, 2015

Mom Confession Friday

-I am really terrible at brushing H's teeth in the morning.  She gets up so early and doesn't love mornings, so I consider it a win if we are out the door and dressed with hair fixed with no tears.  I don't know if I have the energy to add teeth brushing into the mix.  They need to make some type of chewy stick you can give your kid to brush their teeth like they make for dogs.  She could just chew on that on the way to school.

-We have been giving her way too many treats lately, and she has come to expect dessert after dinner.  I want her to know it is an occasional thing, not an every night thing.  Damn Girl Scouts and their Thin Mints.

-I have also been buying her too many clothes lately.  I consider myself pretty good compared to some other girl moms I know.  I mostly shop consignment, Target and Old Navy for her.  And with our mild seasons here, she gets almost a whole year out of things.  But I bought 3 dresses from the Matilda Jane GLT plus 4 more from Wal-Mart the other day for Summer, and its still February.  Must. Stop. Buying. All. The. Cute.

-H is an interesting mix of talkative and quiet.  I hate to label her shy, but she doesn't love new people or new situations.  She will sometimes talk to strangers, like the check out girl, but sometimes won't even look at them.  We are working on getting her to go to children's church all by herself, but more often than not I am the ONLY parent in there that has to stay with their kid.  And all the little girls then want to sit by me, stroke my dress and hold my hand.  Like I am the pied piper of preschoolers.  I am really hoping she will start going on her own soon, because I would really like to join the adults during service.

-There was some debate on a few blogs I read this week regarding healthy kid snacks and lunches.  People were bashing the popular GoGo Squeeze applesauce pouch that I regularly keep on hand for H when we are out running around.  While I do try to keep it healthy, I am also realistic and not carrying around sliced veggies in my purse for snack time.  We don't eat chips, Cheetos, cookies (well we don't eat cookies that often) or other processed snacks at home, so I feel like squeeze pouches (ones without added sugar or corn syrup) and crackers with cheese or hummus are good snacks.  And yes, I feed my kid Ritz crackers.  They aren't whole wheat, but they are sure are damn good!

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