Friday, January 16, 2015

Random on Friday

-I finally figured out how to download Podcasts and happily listened to the first episode of Serial on the way home and to work.  I feel like a technology genius.  Which is funny, because I work with computers and software everyday at work, but in my personal life I am pretty low tech and can't seem to be bothered with simple things like updating phone software or a DVR.

-Having a threenager is just the best!  Insert sarcasm here.  Really though, H has days where I think she is a terrible child and I want to binge order parenting books from Amazon.  And then she has three straight days of perfect mornings, no crying ever, and excellent listening skills.  Which makes the not-good-listener-days even more frustrating because I know she is capable.

-Speaking of her listening, I posted on a BabyCenter message board I belong to about my morning routine struggle with getting her out the door sometimes.  People had all kinds of suggestions, the most popular was getting your kid dressed in their school clothes the night before and having them sleep in them.  Do people really do this?  I guess my problems with fixing her hair are small in comparison to what other's struggle with, so I am not as bad off as I thought.

-Have you ever tried to take an outfit selfie?  The kind all the outfit bloggers I follow post on Instagram?  Do these people have monkey arms?  Or maybe a selfie stick?  I tried it so I could send a pic of a possible outfit to a friend and it looked ridiculous.

-Speaking of selfies, I heard a new term the other day in regards to posting on social media - the wealfie.  Basically it's a selfie or a picture designed to show of your wealth.  I thought it was hilarious, and I have several people in my feed that are totally guilty of this.

-The Husband had a minor surgery yesterday that turned into something a little more complicated while they were in there.  He is fine but will recover a little more slowly than anticipated.  H also chose last night to have her first bad dream.  So this Mama is a little tired today!  And not exactly looking forward to taking care of 2 kids this weekend :)

And if you need a laugh and haven't already seen this floating around Facebook, you must check out the hilarious captions on It's Like The Know Us

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