Monday, January 5, 2015

Perfect Life & Social Media

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about another girl from high school we both know.  HS girl is always posting pictures of her two kids playing nicely, or reading to each other, or otherwise occupying themselves on a cold winter day.  Her life seems very low-key and not stressful.  But HS girl remarked to someone the other day how her life is chaos and everyone else on social media seems to have it together.

Social media is a funny thing, people sharing snap shots of the best moment of their lives.  Its not really realistic and if you pay too much attention, can cause a serious case of life/wardrobe/kid/vacation envy.

I personally think social media is interesting, I enjoy keeping up with friends, seeing what people are into, and generally spying.  I like it for the same reasons I like watching My Five Wives or any show on Bravo, I find people and their choices and lifestyles to be fascinating.

Every once in awhile someone will comment to me how my blog makes my kid seem perfect.  That we eat organic food, and she never gets in trouble.  While H is pretty well behaved and a fairly good eater, I can assure you she is not perfect.  And my intention is never to make it seem like we are perfect.  Did she sit through the entire showing of Annie at the theater the other day with minimal snacks and no potty break?  Yes.  Did she slap me across the face after I gave her a small spanking the other week?  Yes.  My girl is very mature for her age, but she sure is strong-willed.  Which works well most of the time, and will server her well later in life.  But it presents a challenge when she is told "no."

Does she eat kale and quinoa and brussel sprouts all the time?  No.  There are plenty of nights when The Husband and I are having something she doesn't like or thinks is too spicy and I don't feel like dumbing down the recipe for her, so she has chicken nuggets. 

organic nuggets, low sugar ketchup and peaches in water.  healthy crap food.

I guess my point is, not everything is as it appears on social media.  That friend with an amazing new house and the wardrobe?  You might be surprised to know about her credit card debt.  And I personally sleep much better at night knowing I am saving for my kid's college, not splurging on shoes.  So if you aren't already, make it a point in 2015 to be on social media less, and be in the moment more.  The people in your life will notice, and I bet you will feel better about your own life.

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