Monday, July 21, 2014

H at 2.5 Years

As if I don't think it already, our trip to the beach just re-affirmed that my kid kicks a$$.  She did great on the plane, had a blast at the beach and the pool, boogie boarded with no fear, and slept in a big kid bed with no problems.  She really is easy to take care of, happy, fun, and generally well behaved.  I like to think it is my excellent parenting skills, but really I think its luck + her demeanor.

Since I am terrible at making a real baby book, I wanted to take some time to record some things about her at this age.

-You want to wear "fancy shoes" almost every day.  They are these little ballet slippers from Nordstrom and they are your favorites.  Doesn't matter if you are wearing a dress or jean shorts, you want to wear your fancy shoes.

-You never took a pacifier, but when you get tired you make a little pucker suck movement that mimics pacifier action

-You also really want your Big B and Little B when you get tired.  You named your blankets that because well, one is big and one is small.  You have 2 of each and don't mind one bit when I take one away and swap it out for a clean when on laundry day.

-You love your cousin Caleb, aka Bubba, so much.  Almost every picture we have of you 2 is of you staring up at him like he hung the moon.  I hope you continue to look up to him and that you guys stay as close as you are now.

-You love to sleep just like your Mama.  On weekends you typically sleep till 8.  So thank you!

-Every Sunday we paint your toes a new color.  You are really into glitter right now and are so patient, sitting on the counter while they dry.

-You want to wear a LONG dress almost everyday.  Most of yours go to your knees and I am always having to tell you they are long enough.  Any longer and you would trip.

-Compared to other kids your age, you are not very silly.  Instead, you have a real grown up sense of humor and are sometimes sarcastic.  I think you get that from both of us.

-Speaking of both of us, you are also fairly unemotional if that is a word.  You don't really get upset at many things, and are easily calmed down.  Another thing you get from us.

Hadley, we love you so much.  You are much more fun and easier to take care of than I ever imagined.  Hanging out with you and Dad is the highlight of my night and weekend.  I know there will be times in your life when you don't think its as fun to hang out with your parents as you do now, but I hope we continue to be best friends.

Love, Mommy

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Bobbie said...

Love. She's a precious child and very loved by Mommy and Daddy and Nena and Rocky!!!