Thursday, March 13, 2014


I get a break from packing for Sping Break, but here are some lunches from the last few weeks:

popcorn + grapes and blueberries + turkey hot dog + cheese stick + chocolate chips and cherries

PBJ + bunny cookies and a kiss + yogurt with blueberries + peas and pretzels with hummus

PBJ + banana + strawberries and blackberries + peas (added after I took the picture and realized it look a little bare)

crackers and cheese + turkey dog + bunny cookies + berries + yogurt

yogurt + berries + chicken quesadillas + applesauce + fritos (we ate frito pie the night before and she LOVED the fritos, so I include a few as a little treat)

strawberries and oranges + peas + ravioli + turkey pepperoni

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