Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lunch Rut

For my lunch this week, I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup.  I used a soup starter kit and added extra frozen mixed veggies and chicken.  I love soup, but The Husband doesn't consider it a meal so it makes a good lunch option for me.  Combined with sliced apples and a string cheese, it makes a great warm lunch in my cold office.

For H, I kind of feel like I am in a lunch rut.  I was browsing the lunch boxes from 100 Day of Real Food, and I was feeling kind of bad about her lunches not being more "whole food."  I struggle with balancing feeding her good food, what she will eat, and the amount of time that I have to source and prepare food.  Following sites like the Food Babe and 100 Days of Real Food is inspiring, but I lack the time and energy it takes to make my own pizza dough from whole wheat flour.  Oh, and I like cheeseburgers and fries a lot.

I am doing my best to provide her with healthy options, but still struggle with getting enough veggies into her.  Maybe I need to try green smoothies?  Although I don't really see myself having time to do that during the week, so maybe just on the weekends.  But is that even doing anything?

ritz crackers + cheese + turkey + raspberries + greek yogurt

pizza with turkey peperoni + snap peas + dried cherries + strawberries

wheat wrap with cheese and turkey + cherries and chocolate chips + gold fish + strawberries and grapes

turkey meatball + orange + cheese pizza + no bake energy ball

turkey and cheese quesadilla + energy ball + pretzels + orange

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Jason and Jenny said...

I struggle with getting drew to eat enough (or any!) veggies anymore. He was the kid who used to gobble up vegetables when he was a baby. We rely on pouches and those don't really have that much! I think it's the age.