Wednesday, February 26, 2014

End of February Lunches

I really think taking these pictures help me put more effort into making a creative, balanced lunch for H.  Plus, I know a few of you love them so here ya go:

fajita quesadillas + berries + yogurt
*just a tiny bit of left over meat from the night before is perfect for her lunch!

applesauce + grapes and blueberries + pizza + goldfish

PBJ on a sandwich round + pears + sweet potato and beet chips + dried cherries
*she officially does not eat the sweet potato chips.  Shame, I love them!

cheese ravioli + turkey pepperoni + blueberries + fruit snacks

turkey, cheese & hummus roll up + cupcake goldfish + pretzels and peas + fruit with coconut flakes
*coconut flakes were her request and she sprinkled them on there

leftover thin crust pizza + peas + blueberries and grapes + yogurt
*see, we don't eat healthy all the time, although thin crust has 40% less calories!

turkey hotdog + crackers + ketchup+ watermelon and cantaloupe + fruit snacks
*swiped the ketchup from Chick fil a!

left over chicken fingers + cheese stick + craisins + oranges

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