Friday, January 31, 2014

Ode to Baby Wipes

It occurred to me the other day how much I love baby wipes.  Sure, we are done with diapers at our house, but I still buy them and use them for way more than they were intended.  Here are just some of the creative ways I use them:

-I keep a small pack in the care for when H needs a tissue, gets food on her hands, etc.  Girl likes to be clean.
-As a stain remover on my clothes.  And for new mamas, nothing gets spit up off your clothes like a baby wipe.
-In my closet to clean scuff marks off my heels and shoes
-To wipe down the high chair and sometimes even the kitchen table
-To wipe H's mouth, so much easier than getting her wet and soapy at the sink
-To clean off the outside of my makeup contains after they are looking grimy

And we use Huggies Natural Care.  After some diaper rash month 2 and H crying while I changed her, I realized she didn't like the alcohol in most wipes.  These are alcohol free!

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hpmagid said...

Ha! So true! My youngest is 19 and I'm still using baby wipes for tons of stuff. If they are good enough to clean poop off of a baby, then can clean almost anything! They also make great, cheap eye make-up removers!