Friday, January 24, 2014

Coming down from the perfection edge

I keep a running paper to-do list in my purse.  Errands to run, things to return, items I need to acquire if I see them.  And I feel like the 2-2.5 hours per day I spend commuting in the car is totally eating into my time to get other stuff done.

So after several instances recently of a task not being completed to certain standards (mostly heated discussions with The Husband involving tiny things that were overlooked by ME, don't make me get into it) I have come to a conclusion.  I will no longer be completing tasks with 100% perfection.  What does that mean exactly?  If I go to the grocery store with a list, and I come back with 98% of what I needed, I call that success.  Old Kim had time to roam around the grocery store, and even hit up 2 different stores if needed.  New Kim don't have time for that $h*t.

As a perfectionist, this is behavior that is somewhat hard for me to adjust, but has been along time coming.  The Husband agrees that it is healthy for me in the long run, and not stressing over small things is good, but it will take some adjusting on his part.  He is used to me being at 100% and ALWAYS on my game.

But for now on, my new moto is
done is better than perfect
and it feels pretty dang good.

p.s. Today is my 33rd birthday and I feel old

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