Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Farm Fun

While Daddy was hunting the other weekend, we made the hour long trip to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, Texas.  Its a huge farm with all kinds of activities for kids like berry picking (in season), hay rides, train rides, goats, food.  Basically the perfect place to run around outside.  Plus, its pretty cheap, each activities costs like 1-2 dollars.
While cousin Bubba was doing the corn maze, Hadley zoned in on her favorite treat - ice cream.  Homemade strawberry and it was so good!
She also bounced on the giant jump pillow thing they had.  Even though they had one for little kids and one for bigger kids, it was still a little overwhelming for her.  At one point she got off and told me, "too much Mommy."  We snuck over to the big kid one when it was empty and had our own private jump session, which she seemed to like much better.
If you live in the Austin area, I highly recommend you check it out.  We will definitely go back to pick some strawberries when they are in season!

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