Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lunch Opinions

It's funny, H is getting more opinionated about her lunches.  I can ask her if she would rather have A or B in her lunch, and she will know exactly which one she wants.  Last night she asked for meatballs for dinner (so random, I haven't made any in a few months) so what did her Daddy do?  Make her meatballs.  While he and I had chicken enchiladas.

Fresh fruit is back in lunches, but I still haven't made it to the health food store to get some more snap peas and explore other veggie chip options.  Maybe this weekend!
grapes and raspberries + banana oatmeal cookies + BPJ + cheese
chicken quesadillas + pears + trailmix I created
grapes + craisins + turkey sausage + cheese pizza on a sand which round
yogurt + strawberries + chicken + crackers + cheese
refried beans + peaches + ground turkey quesadillas + bunny cookies
grapes and raspberries + banana oatmeal cookies + tortellini + meatball (which looks small but she only had 1 for dinner so 1 is enough)

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