Monday, November 25, 2013

Great Grandparents

Hadley's great grandpa came to visit last week.  She just calls him Grandpa, I figured it was easier that way.  The day before he came, everytime she heard something in the house she would say "Is that my Grandpa?"  It was so cute.  She was very excited to see him, he lives in CA and she only sees him about every 6 months.  I think he enjoyed this visit with her a lot, he was amazed at how much she talks and can understand.  I think it was easier for him to relate to her as a toddler than it was during the baby stage.
It is so special that she has a set of great grandparents, I just wished they lived closer!

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Anonymous said...

She's so lucky to have great grandparents - that is such a rarity!

And your daughter is adorable :)