Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Potty Training

So we did it this weekend.  We switched her over to panties, stayed home, and practiced using the potty.  With only 1 accident and a successful outing to the park and to Burger King, I was pretty pleased.

I know its not rocket science and plenty of people have done it before, but would you guys be interested in my sharing some tips?  You know I researched the sh*t out of this topic, and I even took a class on how to do it well.  And I will say I did pick up some tips from the class and my friend C.

Today is her first day in panties at school, so maybe I will save my How To for when I know how well she does.  I am so nervous for her!!


Sugar said...

Would love a post about potty training!!

Jason and Jenny said...

Yeah! I want to hear all about it!

Emily Peters said...

Wow! Go H! Hope today at school was a good one!