Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Lunches

I know you are all dying to know what H has been eating this month.  Still over here packing lunches, and I don't mind it like I thought I would.  I like that I am able to control the freshness of what she is eating vs. a lunch made by school.  And she almost always gets a check box for "ate all my lunch today" so that is good!
energy balls + baby food mango + green beans + stir fry chicken + mini babybell cheese
applesauce + crackers and raisins + turkey + hummus + snap peas
grapes + goldfish and cheese + yogurt pouch + PBJ
grapes + greek yogurt + pork tenderloin + crackers and cheese
quesadillas with chicken + refried beans + trailmix + applesauce
Annie's mac n cheese + spinach nuggets + 1/2 banana + PB crackers + yogurt pouch

Couple food related thoughts:

-if you ask her what she wants to eat, she will almost always say pizza or chicken
-sometimes she makes a request for her lunch, and I try to honor it.  Or if she wants to snack on goldfish in the afternoon, but I know she needs something more nutritious, I will tell her she can have goldfish in her lunch tomorrow and she is ok with that
-the trader joes PB sandwich cookies do not stay stuck together.  I prefer the Ritz kind
-she doesn't love mac n cheese, or any pasta really
-she is more likely to eat veggies at school than at home
-I really like these ZipLoc containers and muffin cups.  The containers are from Target and you can get the cups in the baking aisle at craft stores (seen them at Joann's near me).  It makes packing a variety much easier, and they are cute!

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cassidy adams said...

These ideas are adorable! I will most def. be referring back when my little boy is old enough to do regular foods:)
Love the blog!