Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vintage Airplane Mixed Media

Its a terrible picture, I know.  Sorry I am lazy.
I did a few paintings last month.  One I forgot to take a picture of.  But this one I remembered!
Its a vintage looking airplane that coordinates with a Pottery Barn quilt (sorry its no longer on their website).  The wings have little tiny J's on them that I cut out of scrapbook paper (really my mom cut them out with her cricut!  Thanks Momma!) and layered on.  Its a neat way to personalize your art without adding a name or monogram.  This was actually a repeat client of mine, and I originally did this elephant picture for her featuring the same J technique on a larger scale:
It felt good to create a few things again.  I am inspired to make a few new pieces for our house, and maybe a holiday sign for our door.  I just LOVE the Christmas piece that Small Words Art did this year, and I may have to do something similar for myself!

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