Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Lunches

I am really loving the Ziploc lunch container I got for H's lunches.  Each compartment is leak proof and seals, so I can put things like applesauce and yogurt right in there.  Its only 2 pieces, so not a lot of little things to wash.  Although I did add the mini silicone muffin cups for more division.  Plus, I think they add some cuteness that she enjoys!
Packing lunches hasn't been that bad.  I usually do it at night after she goes to bed.  I try to make a few things on Sunday I can use for her lunch during the week.  Then I either pack leftovers, use what I already made, or whip up a sandwich.
I organized my pantry and used some plastic bins to make packing lunches easier.  I have all her pantry lunch food in one bin, and I can pick from a few things to fill up the side compartments.  I always try to include a fruit, grain, dairy and protein.  The hardest one to fill is the veggie - I end up with a few frozen options or the dried snap peas (which she calls french fries).
It seems like a ton of food, but they say she eats all of her lunch.  I think lunch is her biggest meal, and she also tends to be more adventuresome and less picky when eating at school.  Probably because she knows there is no other option and nobody is going to give her something else if she doesn't like what I have packed.
bbq chicken pizza + spinach nuggets + blueberries and oranges + peanut butter bite
pbj + snap peas + greek yogurt + grapes + dried cherries
leftover diced chicken and veggies + string cheese + crackers + fruit chews + applesauce
tortellini with sauce + turkey meatball + broccoli nuggets + 1/2 cliff kidz bar + raspberries and blueberries

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Emily said...

I am AMAZED by all your lunches and that H actually eats such a variety!