Friday, August 23, 2013

22 Month Update

Baby girl, I can't believe you are almost 2 years old!  You are so smart and funny, you bring such joy into our lives.  We love spending time with you as a little family of three, you make every outing and activity fun.

This month you started a new school and the transition went really well.  The new school has a lower teacher to student ratio, and is a little more (fun) learning focused and you are loving it!  You do a craft every day, learned to use scissors, and are learning your colors and numbers.

Your personality shows itself more and more every week and you are an interesting combination of funny and serious.  You will stare at people with absolutely no expression on your face, and when they ask if you are shy, I reply no, that you are just judging them.  You are very much like your father in that way.

You are very independent, and are starting to play more on your own.  You are a little skeptical of other kids, and don't necessarily want to play with them when they approach you or offer you a toy.  You are selective, and only sometimes interested in what they have to offer.

Boy do you love to sleep!  You get up at 6:30 during the week for school and you hate it!  You frequently tell us to "go away" and scoot to the far side of the crib so we can't get you.  You are not a morning person!  During the week you take about a 2 hour nap at school, and go to bed at 7:30.  On weekends, you like to sleep in, and then snuggle with Daddy on the couch and watch cartoons till Mommy gets up.

We finally said good bye to bottles a few months ago, and you drink some milk from a sippy cup now.  You eat almost everything we give you and don't hesitate to eat things that are spicy.  You love ketchup and want to dip everything in it.

You love to have an after school snack on the rug in the kitchen with Daddy.  And you will never turn down french fries or ice cream.
You say too many words for me to count, and have been saying 3 and 4 word sentences for about a month now.  You will repeat almost anything we ask you to.  You can count to 10, sing the ABC's (kinda) and you sing along with me to your favorite songs like Twinkle Twinkle and You Are My Sunshine.

You also starting doing this funny thing where if you want something and need to get our attention you yell "Mommy Kim" and "Daddy Blake".  Probably b/c that is what we yell at each other when we need something from another room.

You are noticing everything around you and will point out things you see and know like tractors, tunnels, birds, the moon, clouds and dogs.
Physical Development:
You are running, jumping with both feet off the ground and climbing on the couch like a pro.  The last few months you have been taking swimming lessons, and although you won't stick your whole face in the water, you did really well and will kick your feet and move your arms.  You love to jump off the side of the pool after saying "One, Two, Yellow!".
Bubba, the pool and the park, playing outside, snuggling with Daddy in the morning, dogs, ice cream.  Really you are such a happy little girl.

if the neighbors dog barks too loud, you get scared and think it can come through the fence to get you.  You don't like mornings much either, and hate it when I try to change your clothes in the morning.

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