Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Diaper Bag for the Toddler Stage

I wouldn't call myself an over packer, but I do like to be prepared.  When Hadley was a baby, she had her fair share of blowouts, and I remember one 2 hour play date when she went through 5 diapers.  I used to pack a ton into my Timi and Leslie bag and it was great.

But not that she is a toddler and she is a little more predictable, I wanted a smaller diaper bag that was easier to carry and a little lighter.  I tried a few on at a local store, and settled on the Skip Hop Dash bag.

I got the Jonathan Adler one via ebay (for around $30), and I am loving it.  There is a great hidden personal pocket for my stuff, and I feel like the pockets are easier to get to than my Timi and Leslie bag.  I love the key fob so I don't have to dig for my keys.  It didn't come with a "wet bag" for dirty items, but I used one I already had.
available at Target

If you are looking for a smaller bag for the toddler stage, I would highly recommend.  I have friends that ditched the baby bag all together and just put everything in a large tote style purse, but I don't know how they do it.  I LOVE diaper bags and how organized everything stays in there!

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