Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Modified Crib Skirt for Lower Mattress

I was rigging up my crib skirt this weekend and decided that it warranted a post.  Sorry for the terrible phone picture!
So I had my crib skirt made on, and it was measured perfectly for the mattress in the highest position and it covered the under crib storage drawer nicely.  But since we have lowered the mattress to the lowest position, it didn't fit that well.  And I didn't want to remove it, because that would expose the drawer underneath and tempt baby H to explore what I have stored in there.
So I got the idea of using painters tape to make it fit better.  Much quicker than sewing, and it is totally removable.
Just remove the skirt from the crib and lay it flat on the ground, in a place large enough to spread it out.  Then, I flipped up and taped the long back panel.  Since the crib is against the wall it isn't really necessary.  Then I flipped up the side panels and taped them down.  Lastly, I folded the front panel up a bit to shorten.  The results look much cleaner, and now when I take the mattress out and change the sheet I don't have to mess with fixing it every time.  Took me a total of 5 minutes (would have been 3 but H thought it was funny to sit right in the middle of my project while I tried to work on it!

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