Monday, January 7, 2013

I've come to a conclusion....I AM CHEAP

For like the 3 friends of mine that will read this, and comment or text me that they feel the same way, this is for you......

I believe in being totally honest, and that Facebook, Pinterest and blogs have created this false reality where J Crew flats in 5 different colors and endless pairs of $200 colored skinny jeans are totally normal.  And they really aren't. 

Yes, I have a great job.  It allows me to help provide for my family, save some money, and spend some when I want to.  But I sometimes have a hard time spending it.  Especially on myself.  These days I find myself with very little time to shop (where bargain shopping used to be my hobby, b/c I had nothing but time to troll Marshall's and Nordstrom Rack).  And when I do go shopping, I find myself not wanting to spend more than $40 on ANYTHING, including like shoes.  I almost never shop in the regular priced section of a store, instead I go straight to the sales rack.

Which leaves me today wearing some crappy $20 black skinny jeans from Marshall's that I hate when I really wanted the $160 Citizens ones that would have fit better and lasted much longer.  But I am cheap, so I didn't buy them.

what I wished I looked like at home in comfy clothes - from one of my fav bloggers C Style

I mean, I spend most of my time in work clothes (don't get my started on how old some of them are) and at home in PJs so I have a hard time justifying cute casual clothes.  But on the 2 occasions a month I want to look cute and casual I feel like my crap from Old Navy is just that, crap.  It fit great when I tried it on, but morphed in the wash.  Yes, the $60 plaid shirt from J Crew would have looked better than the $20 Old Navy version.  But I bought the cheap-o one.

So that is my random rant.  Does anyone else have a hard time spending money on themselves?  Are you envious of the friends you see on Facebook wearing a super cute outfit?  Do you ever wonder how they afford to buy all that stuff??  And when they have time to shop??


cob0322 said...

You are not alone! I have trouble spending that much on myself. I'd much rather be buying the kids cute stuff. And yes, Old Navy clothing stretches into a whole new size after wearing it twice.

Violet and Blue said...

Yes! I too do not spend on myself like I used to. And with 15 lbs left to lose, I don't even want to go shopping! It's gotten so bad, some of my tops are starting too look a bit thin and my sweaters, a bit ragged. On most days, that's how I dress. But, a few months ago, I made one of the best decisions of all time. I realized that the quality things I thought I couldn't afford, were really things I couldn't afford to live without! So, I bought a pair of Hudson Jeans ... on sale from $160 to $98... and a couple of Joie tops... and a few other pieces here and there. And I'm so glad that I did. Quality matters!! Even if it's just on one article of clothing... buy it! Why? Because a good piece of clothing will last you much longer than these less expensive items that fall apart! It fits better, it looks better, you'll feel better, it's just better! Now, even when I'm dressed in my worn clothes, I'm happier about it. It's because I know I have at least one outfit that makes me look as cute as my 20-month old son.