Monday, July 23, 2012

Wren for Two

In the past few months I have received several emails from past clients that are having another baby and would like me to do some art for baby #2.  And I have to admit, I am giving in to a couple of requests!  Hey, I am remodeling my bathroom and redecorating my bedroom, and with the amount of things I am ordering that keep arriving at our door, I better pull in some extra cash before The Husband puts a stop to it!

Anyway, onto the nursery stuff.  One of my favorites sets ever was done for the Serena & Lily Wren bedding.  Here is a picture of what the bedding looks like:

My client has a little girl, and a baby brother is on the way.  Her walls are yellow, and the siblings will be sharing a room so she needs to incorporate some boyishness into the space, making her existing stuff work with the new addition.  Sister will be moving into a big bed when the baby arrives, so one option is to incorporate Serena and Lily basics with the Wren crib skirt to make it look a little more boyish.  I like these green sheets and simple bumper:

Etsy is another amazing place to find bedding.  When you are looking for specific colors to coordinate with things, it offers the best selection by far.  I thought these fabrics had huge possibilities for the space.  And some of the more girly ones would be cute incorporated into the girl bedding as well:

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

And I love the grey and yellow combo in this one:

Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

Another great source of inspiration is the site Carousel Designs.  They have some amazing bedding that incorporates the latest trends in fabric and design.  But the best part of their site is the customize your own section, where you can play around with colors and styles and get a live updated picture of your selections.  Even if you don't order from them its a great tool to play around with.

So, to sum it all up, my best suggestion to to incorporate pieces of the existing Serena & Lily bedding with a few bright, fresh new basics for the crib.  I think sticking with a few colors and mixing patterns that tie the boy bedding and girl bedding together would make the room look the most cohesive.

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