Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Unique Changing Table Ideas

I love re-finishing and re-purposing old furniture.  We have a giant blue dresser in our living room that I use as a sofa table and I love that it has so much more storage than just a table.  One place that I see lots of dressers re-purposed is in the nursery as a changing table.  But when I saw this one on Project Nursery, I thought it was so cute and clever

It was probably once a small dresser or a large night stand, and I love how they removed the drawers and used baskets for a cute easy-to-access option.

Another unique idea would be to brighten up an industrial cart or hospital changing station

Or how about this one, that uses IKEA storage bins to double as a changing station.  What a great use of space!

If its too late for you and you already have a traditional changing table, how about turning it into something for make believe play after you are done with it?  I am LOVING this adorable ice cream stand!

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