Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finger Foods & Baby Signs

I know I have been a little MIA lately, but I am in the middle of a small master bath remodel project that was supposed to take 3 days but is really going to take 2 weeks.  So while my Mom was here to supervise the project, we all shared one bathroom.  Eeekkk.  Combine that with a weekend trip to Dallas to visit friends and you have an absent blogger.

Baby H is about to move up classes at school, out of the infant class and into the big baby class, with other kids that can walk!  Ah!  That class eats real food for lunch, so I have been adding more finger foods into her meals so she can eat some of the school food with the big kids.  She is really loving it, and enjoys feeding herself cheerios and bits of fruit.  She is surprisingly good at it and has a great "pincher grasp."

At her 9 months check up, the pediatrician said her fine motor stills were very advanced.  Gross motor skills, not as much.  She is fine, but she is not pulling up to a standing position or anything yet. She prefers to play with her blocks and throw balls into her ball popper on the floor.  The Husband jokes that she can already throw better than Mommy.

Another amazing thing that happened lately is that H is using her baby signs!  She does baby signs at school, and she occasionally asks for "more" at home using her sign.  But over the weekend she was playing at a friends and turned to me to give me the sign for hungry and food.  Then she proceeded to eat a whole organic baby food pouch!  And last night I took her out of her high chair because I thought she was done.  She started fussing and gave me the sign for more, so I put her back in and she did eat a bunch more!  Its really amazing that she can tell me what she wants already.  Hopefully I can get her to apply the signs to more than just food!

I hope to be back next week with a couple paintings to share, a Real Life Room that belongs to one of my besties, and a look at some of the projects I have been doing around me house.  Oh, and I gathered up stuff for a blog sale, now I just need to take pictures and list it all!


Jamie said...

"More" was the only sign my baby would use. Loved it!

playmobil farm said...

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