Monday, June 4, 2012

Cool Color Combo: Pink and Yellow Baby Girl Nursery

When I decided to do H's room in pink and yellow, there were not a whole lot of choices on the market as far as mass-produced items.  I made a lot of it myself, and I found a few things on etsy to use.  And I had a hard time finding fabrics that incorporated both pink and yellow in the same pattern.  So lots of things were pink OR yellow, or a patch work of patterns.

I still love the color combination - girly but not too predictable.  Here are some of my favorite rooms in pink and yellow:

Love the mix of patterns here

This pattern was the inspiration for the accent wall in Hadley's room - Kristen of KFD Designs is so talented!

A version of this crib crown with curtains would be fun to DIY

Sweet, scalloped and girly.  The tulle trim on the rocker and ottoman are a fun touch.

This neautral room gets a pop of color with pink and yellow patchwork and a DIY paper mobile

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