Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Instagram Collage

Can you tell I am obsessed with the Instagram App on my phone?  If you have an iPhone and don't use it, you are nuts!  The filter options available make all your pictures look amazing.  I have taken hundreds of pictures, and was looking for creative things to do with them when I stumbled upon the
site Printsgram.

Printsgram connects with your Instagram account and allows you to design posters with your pictures.  The best part it, it is totally FREE!  They have several layout options, and you can arrange the pictures in whatever order you like.  I used one of the layouts to make this square collage by leaving the last 2 rows of the poster blank.  (I have a thing for square art, I think it looks more upscale or something.)  You can save your poster as a pdf file, then print it out on high quality paper.  I was also able to import the pdf file into Photoshop Elements, crop it and save it as a jpg file, which is what you see above.

The size of the jpg is about 10x10", so I am not sure how it would look if I blew it up but I have future plans to maybe send it to one of those canvas printing companies to get a 20x20" size made as a gift for my Mom.

Since there are people on charging up to $200 to just layout your pictures in a grid like this, I was super excited to have found this DIY option.  If you use Instagram, you must check it out!

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