Monday, February 6, 2012

Is Pinterest the New Blogosphere?

When I started this blog, it was all about decorating ideas for your nursery, and showcasing my artwork.  Since I have had a baby and stopped painting, it has evolved to be more of a decor + mommy talk blog.  And with the evolution of Pinterest, I am starting to wonder if less and less people are visiting blogs for style ideas.  After all, you can go straight to Pinterest and see a nicely edited selection of picture perfect homes, decorating ideas, DIY decor and wall art.

It makes me wonder if blogs will start to be more of a place for people to discuss personal issues and tell their story, and less about DIY and decor.  I track visitors using Google Analytics, and my Mommy Guide is getting quite a bit of traffic.  Is it because people are getting their nursery inspiration other places?  Who knows.

For now, I will continue to post about decorating and decor, but I find myself more interested in writing about Mommy topics lately.  Last weekend I got probably 8 emails from readers and friends asking my all kinds of questions, from stroller and crib advice, to my thoughts on my delivery and the effect that medication and drugs had on me.  As I respond to these emails, I will probably start posting a version on my blog so other people can read it too.  Because if my friends are wondering it, someone else probably is.  So I might as well make it my mission to share the truth with everyone!


Lindsay N. Strickland said...

Yes, please! I would love to see posts with new Mommy advice detailed!!

I will always love blogs (and actually don't pin, gasp!!) something about blogging is great therapy. Love it!


Jason and Jenny said...

I love the mommy blog portion! You write about stuff that is important to other moms out there and so relevant! Love it!