Monday, January 16, 2012

The Bottle That Worked For Us

When I was registering for baby bottles, I picked a brand that most of my friends used, Dr Brown's.  The concept seemed good, with the venting, and I got a couple packages of the 8 oz bottles and all the cleaning accessories.  But I didn't open them or wash them.  I knew better.  I knew we would end up using whatever the baby liked, and there was no telling what kind that was.

When I transitioned her from breast to bottle, I started using the Medela bottles, pretty basic with a basic nipple.  She did ok on them, but couldn't quite get in a rhythm and would suck for a few seconds, then play with the nipple and just gum it.  I tried some Avent bottles we had, and she didn't love those either.  Then I tried to Dr. Browns, which I secretly didn't want her to like because there were so many parts to clean.  Well, she didn't like those either, she just couldn't get the hang of it and it would take her 45 minutes just to drink 2 to 3 ounces.  And I think half of that was ending up on her bib.

Then I remembered a bottle that I used to recommend to breast feeding mothers when I worked at a baby store.  The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle.  I ordered 1 8 oz size to try out and it was like magic!  She latched right on and sucked the entire thing down.  It was amazing how much better she liked them than the others I have tried.  For anyone transitioning from breast to bottle I would highly recommend you try them.  Most stores don't carry them, so you will have to order online but it is so worth it!

Here is a little overview and review:

-the nipple is super soft, and flat, making it more like the breast for an easier transition
-the vent in the bottom reduces gas and is proven to reduce fussiness and colic
-the bottom vent comes off, making them easier to clean than a closed off type bottle
-they are wide, which also makes them easier to clean
-they can be assembled to self sterilize in the microwave - no sterilizer or bag needed.  So you can sterilize them wherever you are, and have to travel with less bottles!
-the caps fits securely so that the bottles don't leak at all - no separate cap needed
-they are BPA free

-they can be leaky if not assembled properly.  Be sure all the parts are dry, and screw the base in very tightly
-they are not available in most stores, so have to be ordered online
-they do have more pieces than some other bottles, which can be a paint, but they are not small pieces and they are easy to clean
-there is no mark on the bottle at 1 oz, which might not be good for feeding a newborn - although the cap has a 1 oz mark so you can measure using that if you need to

After she liked the 1, I ordered 9 more (3 packs of 3) so that I would have enough for 2 days and wouldn't be washing them constantly.  I guess they are in the process of changing the design, because 1 of my packs came with a level 1 nipple and 2 came with a level 2.  Level 2 says it is for 2 months +, but it is still too fast for her and leaks all over her face, so I ordered some level 1 nipples to replace them.  They comes in girl or boy packs, but I liked the blue and aqua colors better so I got mostly boy packs for her.  I also suggest getting all 9 oz bottles instead of the smaller 5 oz.  At about 4-5 months, the 5 oz will not be big enough and then you will have to buy more bottles.

I ordered mine from, because I had a credit and they had the best price.  However they don't carry the nipples separately, I had to order those from  Since I get my diapers there anyway, it was easy to add to my cart on my last order.

Hope that helps any of you looking for a bottle to try!

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