Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Progress

Update to my Post Baby Weight Loss post:

Baby H is about 9 weeks old, and at 7 weeks I was cleared to start exercising by my Dr.  Unfortunately, at that same time, I also came down with a pretty nasty cold, so it was hard for me to get my work out on.  So I have only been working out for like a week.  I got the Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy video, and I really like it.  It is sort of a yoga, pilates, dance combo and it is one of the only work out videos I have ever done more than twice.  So far I did it 3 times in a week (she suggests you do it 4 to 6 times a week, really??) and I also walked for 45 minutes 3 days.  Although I fit in about half of my jeans and most of my work skirts, I am still 7 lbs above my pre-baby weight, which I am a little disappointed about.  They say breastfeeding keeps about 5 lbs on you, and I will be done with that by the end of the week, but I don't really see 5 lbs falling off after that.

The Husband reminds me that she is only 2 months old, and it is holiday time, so my goal of being back to my pre-baby weight by Christmas seems far away.  I have revised it to hopefully meet my goal by my birthday, which is at the end of January.  That way I can use my Christmas and birthday money/gift cards to do a little clothes shopping.  I am badly in need of a clothing revamp, although I am not quite sure what I want my style to be.  Most of my time is spent at work, so work clothes seems like a good investment, but they are not as fun!  When I get home from work I put on comfy clothes, and I try to make them a little more attractive than just baggy sweats, so I have been going for leggings and cute tops.  On the weekends I don't really like to put in much effort but I know I need to.  I rarely wear pants (they are just not comfy to me) and almost always go for a comfy dress and cardigan combo.  The good thing about dresses is that they are easy to pick out, put on, and instantly make you look dressed up.  Plus, they are more forgiving than jeans and are great at hiding those last few pounds.

I have a few strategies I will use over the holidays to help me not eat too much, and hopefully I can walk away at least not GAINING anything!

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