Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Instagram Obsession

After almost 3 years with my original iPhone 3, I recently decided to upgrade to the 4.  I used The Husband's one day and couldn't believe how much faster is was than my old model.  Plus, I kept trying to download apps that weren't compatible with my old model.  And I felt like treating myself.

One of the first things I downloaded was the Instagram app.  The new phone has a better camera, and I am constantly taking pictures of Baby H to try to capture her cuteness and send it to our family far away.  Let me say, I am totally in love!  With her and the camera app.  Basically you use it instead of the camera function that comes with the phone, and you can apply all sorts of filters and effects to make the picture look amazing.

For example:

 regular iPhone photo

 Instagram iPhone photo

more Instagram photos

The pictures come out square, and I haven't tried to print any of them out, but I read on Hollywood Housewife that the Postal Pix app is the best way to print them.  You can upload them right from your phone and the come printed in 4x4 or 5x5 size.  I am saving up a batch to send out for printing and plan on making some crafts like this one:

Instagram collage via Apartment Therapy

Both Instagram and Postal Pix are free apps, and I highly suggest you download them now, they are super addicting and perfect for snapping those holiday pictures!

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Natalie said...

I'm addicted to intsgram. I recently ordered magnets from my pics on stickygram.com. So fun!! What is your username?