Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

She will only be 2 months old at Christmas time, so it was hard to come up with some ideas for gifts for her, so here are so cute ideas for baby's first Christmas:

Trumpette Socks

Baby H has the Mary Jane and Camo ones, but I want these Pixie socks for more spring and summer outfits

Personalized Bottle Bands

Handy for when she starts "school".  I like these from

A Family Photo Album

Filled with an individual picture of each family member, so she can learn everyones faces.  This one is from Gund.

Early Learning Toys

Basic things like these Sassy rattles

Baby Legs

Because they are just so cute and make diaper changes easy!

Baby's First Christmas Ornament

Makes a great gift for the Grandparents, too!  I like the ones with a place for a photo so you can always remember how small they were!

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Ann said...

Ah the Christmas thing! Yes it is hard to not go too overboard seeing as they pretty much have everything they need and they won't remember truly is more for us as parents I believe. All very great ideas. I love the Trumpet Socks. AE has the Mary Janes too. She will be getting her jumparoo/exasaucer and some books. Baby Leg Warmers are our best friend! :-)