Friday, November 18, 2011

Nursery Organization

I spent the last week of my pregnancy at home, waiting on a baby that was supposed to arrive a little early - and didn't.  I spent that time doing little projects around the house, including some super organizing of the nursery and closets around the house.

Here are a few simple ideas for organizing your space:

bin labels on IKEA storage boxes

These fabric bins from IKEA were a steal at $6 each and are great for hiding clutter.  Problem was, they were on the top shelf of the closet and I couldn't remember what I put in each one.  After searching local stores and coming up with nothing, I finally found these bin labels online at Van Dykes Restorers.  I simply glued them on and added a piece of pretty paper to write on.  Perfect!

simple bedding tags

image and idea via Hollywood Housewife 

I didn't do this one because my linen closet already has labeled shelves, but its a great idea for sheets and even baby linens.  Because the pack n play sheet and the Bjorn Travel crib sheet can be hard to tell apart.

label maker

  image from here

If you don't already have a label maker I highly suggest one. and they actually make good Christmas gifts for that organized person in your life!  Mine is a simple P-Touch label maker and I love it.

desk organizers for socks

I bought 2 desk organizers from Marshalls and used them to organize socks, tights, hats and other small things in the top drawer of the nursery dresser.  They are the perfect size to keep everything neat and tidy!

junk drawer organizers for the bathroom

The baby will be sharing a bathroom with our guests, so I wanted to keep her things as neat and organized as possible.  There is a long sink and cabinet area in the bathroom, but no drawers.  I bought a "junk drawer" type organizer from Target to keep all her lotions, potions and medications neat and organized in the linen closet.

My best advice for organizing your nursery, or any other space for that matter, is to first clean out what you don't need.  I got tons of samples and freebies from baby stores and my classes but knew I didn't need to keep ALL of them.  Then, think outside the box when it comes to storage solutions.  The Container Store is great, but it is also pretty pricey.  Places like IKEA, Target and Marshalls offer great storage options at a much cheaper price.  And just because you are wanting to organize in the bathroom doesn't mean you HAVE to use products specifically designed for that.  Something like a silverware organizer is much cheaper and does the job just as well.

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