Thursday, October 20, 2011

Picture Time!

Getting settled at home, gathering up pictures from everyone that took them.  And there were lots!

  Not that many pictures with Mommy in them, sorry she wasn't feeling so hot!  After about 18 hours of labor, including 2.5 hours of pushing, I had a C-Section and was very slow to recover after a few complications.  We are happy and healthy now and I am sure I will do a post with all the details.

just minutes after Hadley was born

sleeping peacefully....for now

already a Daddy's girl

about to leave and go home!

just hanging out at the house as comfy and swaddled


Sarah said...

Congrats! She is absolutely precious!

Holly Austin said...

Hadley is precious! Take care of yourself, hope you get to feeling good soon!

Karen and Chris said...

She is darling! Hope your recovery is going well. I can't even imagine your long labor and pushing. Good work, Mama! Enjoy your time off with her.